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He currently works on the archaeology of the Calusa Indians in SW Florida, and the light this can shed on the origins and failures of complex societies.

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In he was elected to the National Academy of Sciences in the anthropology and evolutionary biology sections. We have no dispensation from nature; we are not cut loose from the requirements of natural selection; intelligence is not peculiar to us, nor does it guarantee our superiority or our success; we must measure up or join her list of interesting but extinct experiments in living and reproducing.

Our only uniqueness is that if we go, it will be in full consciousness of what we do, which is no compliment to our uniqueness. Apes with existential questions And did some sly, malicious god when an ape first stood and faced the sky, prepare a two-edged gift, a rod it sought to cure this hubris by? It did, and so the creature choked, then straining through its tears it croaked the first, pathetic "why?. He did his undergraduate degree in Sociology B.

He and Napier jointly taught a course on non-human primate societies, the first of its kind at the School. During this time he saw three daughters into the world, Kate, Ellie and Anne. See the dedication to Encounter with Anthropology. Rutgers University offered him a chair of anthropology in , and the chance to start a new department, including Tiger. This has grown to be a major research department and graduate program. In , The Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation , through its president Mason Gross ex-president of Rutgers made them joint Research Directors, and started a program of support for work particularly on violence and dominance.

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Hamilton with whom he helped to found the Human Behavior and Evolution Society In Rutgers made him a University Professor, the highest honor it can give a faculty member. He wrote The Search for Society, his "equal time response" to the interpretive anthropology of Clifford Geertz, and The Violent Imagination , a book of essays, verse, satire, drama and dialogue.

He was then a Senior Overseas Scholar at St. John's College, Cambridge , and wrote a series of related collections of his essays.

In he added significantly to the material in The Violent Imagination , plus a foreword by his neighbor and friend Ashley Montagu, which came out as The Passionate Mind. He has published a number of papers on contemporary affairs in The National Interest — nationalism, the nature of war, the Northern Ireland problem, and a series of exchanges on human rights, with Francis Fukuyama and Amnesty International "Is there a human right to revenge?

The dry bones of biography do not convey the richness and excitement of a life lived between the two worlds of Europe and America, and among some of the most energizing ideas of the century. The 'reactive arthritis' it used to be called 'Reiter's Syndrome' that had first been diagnosed in my late thirties became a total hindrance to travel and adventure and led to heart problems that laid me pretty low and left me weak. Enough of that, but curious readers might wonder so I tell it. It cut me off from several interesting possibilities like the Board of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Germany which required too much travel.

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We have a winter retreat on Sanibel Island in S. Florida, where I pursue a research interest in the archaeology of the Calusa Indians with the help of local boatmen and sailors. Lin, who was a longstanding member of the U. Ellie lived for nine years in the Bekaa Mountains of Lebanon with her husband and my other four grandsons and now two great-grandsons.

She and they speak fluent Arabic. They were rescued from the beaches in the great escape of and now live in New Jersey. See the dedication to Reproduction and Succession.

Autobiography, Queer Time, and the Future

I have recently worked on a revised view of the advantages of inbreeding and the relationship between consanguinity and fertility with M. Herbert , on animal dispersion and human sectarianism, and the origins and failures of civilization. I have, thanks to the courageous work of younger scholars, found a renewed interest in Amerindian languages and what they can tell us about the history of the American Southwest.

A book of essays on the issue has been published as Shakespeare's Education. I am deeply fond of, and grateful to, the USA, and especially Rutgers where I have spent the last 50 years and only reluctantly mooted retirement for the chances and rewards it has given me, while never losing my affection for my native British Isles. I hope you enjoy my ideas and read my books. Home Forthcoming Events Essays Podcast Bioethics Aesthetics Environmental philosophy Epistemology Ethics Feminist philosophy History of philosophy Metaphysics Non-Western philosophy Philosophy and literature Philosophy of Europe Philosophy of mind Philosophy of religion Philosophy of science Philosophy of the social sciences Political philosophy Public philosophy Previously at the Forum… News About Contact Us Cookie Policy.

Philosophy, Anthropology, and Autobiography.

Share this: Click to share on Twitter Opens in new window Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window Click to email this to a friend Opens in new window Click to share on Reddit Opens in new window. You might also like Tuesday, 24 November Previous post Next post. Freeman argued instead that Samoan culture prized female chastity and virginity and that Mead had been misled by her female Samoan informants.

Freeman's critique was met with a considerable backlash and harsh criticism from the anthropology community, whereas it was received enthusiastically by communities of scientists who believed that sexual mores were more or less universal across cultures. She said that she and her friends were having fun with Mead and telling her stories. On the whole, anthropologists have rejected the notion that Mead's conclusions rested on the validity of a single interview with a single person, finding instead that Mead based her conclusions on the sum of her observations and interviews during her time in Samoa, and that the status of the single interview did not falsify her work.

Mead's reputation and significance as an anthropologist have not been diminished by Freeman's criticisms. A detailed review of the controversy by Paul Shankman, published by the University of Wisconsin Press in , supports the contention that Mead's research was essentially correct, and concludes that Freeman cherry-picked his data and misrepresented both Mead and Samoan culture.

UN Ambassador Andrew Young presented the award to Mead's daughter at a special program honoring Mead's contributions, sponsored by the American Museum of Natural History, where she spent many years of her career. The citation read: [68]. Margaret Mead was both a student of civilization and an exemplar of it. To a public of millions, she brought the central insight of cultural anthropology: that varying cultural patterns express an underlying human unity.


She mastered her discipline, but she also transcended it. Intrepid, independent, plain spoken, fearless, she remains a model for the young and a teacher from whom all may learn. In , the Supersisters trading card set was produced and distributed; one of the cards featured Mead's name and picture. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is the latest accepted revision , reviewed on 21 September Not to be confused with the British anthropologist Margaret Read.

American cultural anthropologist — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania , US. Barnard College Columbia University. Luther Cressman m.

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Reo Fortune m. Gregory Bateson m. Basic concepts. Case studies. Chambri Mosuo. Major theorists. Morgan Stephen O.

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Murray Michelle Rosaldo David M. Schneider Marilyn Strathern. Related articles. Social Bonding and Nurture Kinship. Outline History. Archaeological Biological Cultural Linguistic Social. Social Cultural. Research framework.