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Contains 6 lectures.

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Omentielva Enqua, Jenins Contains 4 lectures. Stapled wrappers.

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All Sindarin words that appear in Tolkien's books, translated to Polish and English. George Horton, Tolkien: His Language. A Guide to Quenya Tre Editori, This dictionary gives the translation of the Quenya in both Italian and English. Le mensuel des Jeux de l'imaginaire.

Three articles on the Elven languages by this formost French language expert in this first issue of a roleplaying magazine. The entire magazine is dedicated to Tolkien, with articles on him, Middle-earth Role Playing, Mithril Miniatures and more. Antiquarian: very good condition. Lulu, Hardback no dustjacket issued.

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Series: Arda philology

Lessons with homework and answers in the back. All you need to learn Quenya-Elvish. Clear plastic cover. Basic Sindarin Teach yourself to speak and write Elvish in 22 lessons. All you need to learn Sindarin-Elvish. A guide to all 14 languages Tolkien invented. Most importantly, Tolkien's method of working and his own comments about suggested influences are taken into account.

This Master's thesis takes a detailed look into the topic.

Unfortunately, some rather shaky claims from my article seem to have been accepted. The article deals with Tolkien's relationship with the Finnish Kalevala. The Quenya-Finnish connection is also mentioned. New to me was the idea that the Feanorian letters would somehow have been influenced by the visual appearance of printed Finnish.

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A list of words and names mostly in Quenya and Sindarin from Tolkien's works has been compared to wordlists of real languages to find the closest match for each "Tolkien word". A custom string similarity metric has been used in the comparison.

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  7. The author suggests that the high number of closest matches in an English wordlist is significant. A discussion of what could have been the first Finnish text Tolkien ever saw and how it may have influenced early Qenya. The subsequent messages in this thread, such as Petri Tikka's list of familiar-looking words in the Quenya Lexicon , are also highly recommended.

    It is stated that without the author's confirmation, we cannot know whether a word in one of Tolkien's languages has been inspired by a word in some real language. Tolkien's own comments about chance resemblances are quoted to support this.