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A hard brown rind covers a firm, pearl colored cheese that may contain edible blue-green veins. The flavor is both savory and salty after its six-month maturation in a mountain grotto. Only six thousand wheels are produced per year, making this cheese particularly rare. The cheese is aged for three months and has a firm texture. It has a distinct spicy, hot flavor. It is known for its unique and unusual taste, which can be traced back to the walnut leaves.

It has a creamy texture with a thin crust. Note: this cheese must be eaten at room temperature for an optimal experience. It is younger and more suitable for table use than his other creation — Pecorino Romano. Flavored versions are available.

Overall, it is very similar to Gorgonzola minus the blue and becomes soft very quickly at room temperature. Crotonese is oily, sweet and salty, with the traditional pecorino flavor. Its rind takes on a ribbed texture due to the woven molds used in making the cheese. The result is a sweet, bitter and spicy taste. A three-month aging process leaves Fiore Sardo slightly salty with a long finish; a little more pungent than Pecorino Toscano.

It has a light straw coloring and a brown rind. Fiore Sardo is a D. This cheese has a sweet and nutty flavor; it also melts very well.

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Note: Fontal is a gourmet variation to mozzarella for use on pizza. The wildflowers and herbs of the pastures are said to be infused in the flavor of this cheese. This table cheese is known for its highly aromatic nature and integrity while melting. Gorgonzola Dolce is often imitated, but never matched. The Authentic Italian version comes in two variations: Dolce sweet, and almost spreadable and Mountain sharp, and more firm.

The Cheeses of Italy: Science and Technology

This cheese is characterized by its pale white coloring and streaks of blue. The flavor can be described as supple and decadent. Note: Gorgonzola Dolce is a member of the stracchino family of cheeses. It works well alongside many dishes, making it a perfect table cheese. The flavor of Stravecchio, comparable to Parmigiana Reggiano, is both complex and intense. Depending on the season, this cheese has fruity accents of pineapple or strawberry.

Gran Padano Stravecchio Oro del Tempo is tested monthly until the twentieth month of its aging process. Each wheel is considered a work of art and is branded with its own serial number, and a certificate of origin and guarantee.

This cheese is aged for days, resulting in a delicate, yet intense flavor. It is aged for eighteen to thirty-six months using no modern technology or additives. Kosher Parmigiano Reggiano has been unchanged for over seven hundred years. This wine-flavored cheese follows a recipe passed down through generations and has an elastic consistency with patterns of irregular cracks.

Only the world-famous Lagrein wine is used to cure the cheese. It is known for its balance in flavoring and has an intense aroma and spiciness.

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It is one of the oldest cheeses in the world, and is native to Rome. A nine month aging process leaves this cheese hard and dense with a strong sharp flavor. Locatelli is perfect for grating over pasta, salads, and soups. Marmottino has a distinctly fresh taste to go along with its gentle saltiness and tang. The texture of this alpine cheese is firm. Italian cheese-makers drain the moisture from heavy cream with a finely woven cloth and a small amount of citric acid. After draining, a smooth, slightly sweet and fresh cheese remains. It can be used as a spread or topped with fruits.

The small ivory-colored Marzolino is known for its mild, sweet flavor with hints of flowers from the pasture. The sheep are milked in the spring when flowers are in full bloom.

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The texture of Matusc is soft, smooth and even. It is known for its full aroma. Millefoglie Al Marzemino is soaked in red grape must for ten days, infusing itself into the cheese and clinging to the dark rind. Left as a result are a reddish hue and a rich wine flavor. The cheese is textured with pea-sized eyeholes and is pierced with large needles in order to create are vents.

Note: this cheese is based on a Montasio recipe.


Unlike other cheeses made with black truffles, Moliterno is aged before the truffles are added. Oil and vinegar are applied to the rind during its maturation process. This is a visually unique cheese.

Puzzone di Moena, Dolomites (Dolomiti) Italy

Montasio is now protected by the D. The high butter-fat content leaves a rich flavor with a hint of butterscotch. This common Italian cheese is characterized by its scattered, tiny holes and semi-hard texture. A sixty-day aging process leaves Monte Veronese sweet and delicate. Vecchio is left with a rich and nutty flavor to go along with its delicate sweetness. Mountain Asiago has a very distinct, smooth finish. Mountain Gorgonzola has a white interior with attractive streaks of blue. In Italy it is common to eat this cheese drizzled with honey. Mozzarella di Bufala has a springy texture and a thin, glossy rind, and is known for its faint, mossy smell.

The cheese becomes harder and tangier monthly with the addition of more olive oil. Most of the moisture escapes Oro Antico Riserva, leaving it grainy in texture. A red-wax seal is characteristic of this Italian specialty. Parmigiano Reggiano is aged for eighteen to twenty-four months and uses no additives or machinery.

This cheese has been unchanged for some seven hundred years. Its texture allows for easy grating.