China Watching: Perspectives from Europe, Japan and the United States (Routledge Contemporary China)

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Preview La politique internationale de la Chine. Between integration and will to power , Paris, Presses de Sciences Po, , p. Translated into Polish by Elzbieta Brzozowska and published with a special preface for the Polish edition under the title Polityka Zagraniczna Chin. Miedzy inegracja a dazeniem do mocarstwowosci, Warsaw, Dialog, , p.

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About this book Secessionism and Separatism in Europe and Asia. To have a state of one's own. La confrontation Chine-Taiwan China in quest of its frontiers. Chinese translation published in Taiwan in January under the title Liangan guanxi Chongtu huajie yu zhengzhi fazhan in a special issue of the journal Renlai. Chine - Taiwan: la guerre est-elle concevable? China-Taiwan: Is a War Conceivable? Que sais-je?

China Watching : Perspectives from Europe, Japan and the United States [Hardcover]

Ifri-Dunod, Coll. Ramses, , p.

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Berkshire Dictionary of Chinese Biography , vol. One Bed, Different Dreams?

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Yee ed. Download " Taiwan: An Internal Affairs! Goldstein and Julian Chang eds. Megan Greeene eds. More Power to the People's Congresses? Moving towards a new authoritarianism, both elitist and consultative? VI, No. VII, No. An updated version was published in the American Asian Review , Vol. XIX, No. XXXX, No.

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I, No. V, No. II, London, Zed Press, , pp. Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Mass.

Globalizing China: Confucius Institutes and the Paradoxes of Authenticity and Modernity

New York, Routledge, , xix, pp. Download " Why Taiwan? Geostrategic Rationales for China's Territorial Integrity. Stanford, Calif. La Chine et le monde : quelles nouvelles relations?

Quels nouveaux paradigmes? China and the World: New Relations? New Paradigms? Much depends on the rivalry between the political-economic forces behind the two models. Dic Lo has researched and written on a wide range of issues in contemporary Chinese political economy. As the former growth model based on an extensive reliance on cheap labour, land and resources meets its limits, government and enterprises strive to upgrade their operations towards higher value-added activities.

What are the trajectories of this transformations and what does this entail for workers? His main research interests are: industrial change in China, labour relations and social conflict in China and elsewhere , political economy of development. His findings from the garment and LED lighting industries reveal that industrial upgrading in fact rarely supports qualitative improvements in working conditions and wages.

In the first five years after the onset of the Chinese Cultural Revolution, one of the largest political upheavals of the 20th century paralyzed a highly centralized party state, leading to a harsh regime of military control. Despite a wave of post-Mao revelations in the s, knowledge about the nationwide impact of this insurgency and its suppression remains selective and impressionistic, based primarily on a handful of local accounts.

Employing a dataset drawn from historical narratives published in 2, county and city annals, this article charts the temporal and geographic spread of a mass insurgency, its evolution through time, and the repression through which militarized state structures were rebuilt. Comparisons of published figures with internal investigation reports, and statistical estimates from sample selection models, yield estimates that range from 1.

The vast majority of casualties were due to repression by authorities, not the actions of insurgents. Despite the large overall death toll, per capita death rates were considerably lower than a range of comparable cases, including the Soviet purges at the height of Stalinist terror in the late s. Andrew G. He has published widely on political economy, social structure, inequality, social mobility, and political conflict under state socialism and afterwards, with a special emphasis on contemporary China.

Based on nationwide surveys of the same Chinese firms before and after restructuring over an eleven-year period, we found that firms with managers who are directly politically connected, i. While the findings about taxes is contrary to earlier studies of post-communist systems in the wake of privatization, the logic is consistent. We argue that the answer to these puzzles lies in the nature of the corporate restructuring in China that has created incentives to increase tax collection by local governments and tax payment by restructured firms. Our empirical findings allow one of the first instances where we can observe and measure the heretofore unexplored costs of political connections in state firm relations.

Jean C.

Wei Liang | Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Earlier she taught at Lehigh University and then at Harvard University. Her work focuses on comparative politics, with special expertise on political economy and the process of reform in transitional systems. More recently, she has been working on the politics of corporate restructuring, with a focus on the incentives and institutional constraints of state actors.

She has been doing fieldwork on the organization of rural communities and the provision of public goods, especially affordable housing. The talk examines Communist perceptions of and policies towards the redemptive societies; it asks how far the societies represented a threat to the regime and how far they perceived themselves as locked in battle with the state; and, finally, it asks how the societies managed to survive intense persecution so as to revive rapidly once the reform era began.

Biography Steve S. He edited the Oxford Handbook of the History of Communism, a collection of 36 essays on communism in a global perspective, which was published by Oxford University Press last year. The Republican era saw the greatest flourishing of Chinese theology since the seventeenth century.

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This presentation considers two works by leading Christian thinkers of the s, the Shanghai Jesuit Xu Zongze and the Anglican professor Zhao Zichen, to develop the argument that Chinese theological thinking itself has been influenced by Chinese literary forms and traditions. These jottings, printed in the back pages of each issue, provide tantalizing sparks to illuminate the question of how Christianity, universally understood, could speak to a Chinese situation, through the common-sense of a Chinese-rooted, western-trained, Catholic church leader.

It stands as one of the purest expressions of Chinese Christianity employing its own intellectual forms and interests in seeking to instil, or increase, faith. Thomas Hale, Blavatnik School of Government. In many countries, growth was fuelled by Chinese commodity demands and Asian regional integration. What will this mean for developing countries and global markets? States give and take. The balance is crucial in good government, that the state gives its population regulations and services according to needs and takes in taxes and otherwise what is proportionate and fair.

This seminar considers half of that account for the Chinese state. The Chinese state is a party-state that presides over a socialist market economy. It operates both through its system of public administration and its dominance of the economy. It extracts resources from the population not only by what goes under the name of 'taxation' but also economically by for example labour market regulations and land transactions. What are the sources of extraction all considered? How much do they yield? How is the burden distributed? He is currently conducting a study of the Chinese state.

His most recent book is Nation of Devils: Democratic Leadership and the Problem of Obedience Yale , described by the Economist as 'demanding and idealistic, yes, but also democracy for grown-ups. This is…China? Ultimately, can love conquer Confucius? Schneider will share her findings from two years of interviewing in Shenzhen, China, conducted on a quest to answer this very question. Read a sample of The Ugly Wife here. She moved to Shenzhen, China two days after her own wedding, where she grew curious about the unfamiliar dynamics underpinning love and relationships on the mainland.

Over the next two years, she interviewed forty-eight people born since the rise of the communist regime, publishing their stories in The Ugly Wife is a Treasure at Home: True Stores of Love and Marriage in Communist China. In addition to her relationship counseling work, Ms.