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In this tradition the teacher works to lead students to question ideologies and practices considered oppressive including those at school , and encourage "liberatory" collective and individual responses to the actual conditions of their own lives. The student often begins as a member of the group or process he or she is critically studying e.

After the student begins to view present society as deeply problematic, the next behavior encouraged is sharing this knowledge, paired with an attempt to change the perceived oppression of the society. An earlier propenent of a more active classroom, where students direct the epistemological method as well as the actual object s of inquiry is the late Neil Postman.

In his Teaching as a Subversive Activity , Postman suggests creating a class where students themselves are entirely in control of the syllabus, class activities, and grading. To help encourage students to change their view from accepting the social norms viewed by critics as being gullible into being independently critical viewed by mainstream society as being cynical the instructors often introduce challenges to heroic icons and self-edifying history using contradictory reports or external points of view of the same subjects.

To encourage students to become critical the instructor might use these tasks to challenge the generally accepted paradigm of the student's society:. Template:Unreferenced A prevalent result of critical pedagogy is that students view certain aspects of their lifestyles, nation, or culture critically for the first time.

As an example, someone who follows this means of learning about the United States culture may develop a view that most people in Western society are sleepwalking through a banal existence of consumption, obedience, and propaganda, and that they need to be awakened.

Most instructors of critical pedagogy encourage students who have reached the cognitive state perceived as "enlightened" to share their knowledge in an attempt to reveal perceived failings of society with the goal of fostering what critical pedagogy regards as positive change. Other critical pedagogues, however, are suspicious of the claims encountered in certain modernist emancipatory discourses.

Rather than seeking to 'enlighten' the 'gullible,' these instructors explore concepts of identity, history, desire, etc. During South African apartheid , legal racialization implemented by the regime drove members of the radical leftist Teachers' League of South Africa to employ critical pedagogy with a focus on nonracialism in Cape Town schools and prisons.

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Teachers collaborated loosely to subvert the racist curriculum and encourage critical examination of political and social circumstances in terms of humanist and democratic ideologies. The efforts of such teachers are credited with having bolstered student resistance and activism. Patrick Slattery. Ange-Marie Hancock. Beyond Learning by Doing.

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