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These include numerous types of institutions, including brokerage firms, investment funds, insurers and other various funds.

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When analysing the stability of an institutional system, we examine the degree in which the whole of the system is capable of resisting external and internal shocks. Of course, shocks do not always result in crises, but an unstable financial environment can in itself impede the healthy development of the economy. Different theories define the causes of financial instability; their relevance may vary according to the period and countries drawn into the scope of analysis.

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Among the problem factors affecting the whole of the financial system, literature commonly defines the following ones: rapid liberalisation of the financial sector, inadequate economic policy, noncredible exchange rate mechanism, inefficient resource allocation, weak supervision, insufficient accounting and audit regulation, poor market discipline. The aforementioned causes of financial crises emerge not only collectively, but also individually, or in a random combination, therefore the analysis of financial stability is an extremely complex task. The focus on individual branches distorts the overall picture, thus the issues need to be examined in their complexity in the course of analysing financial stability.

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We have a dedicated site for Germany. Financial authorities face a number of key challenges, including maintaining financial stability; ensuring long-term finance for stable economic growth; promoting greater access to financial services for both households and small and medium-sized enterprises SMEs ; and fostering a competitive financial industry. Access to finance for SMEs is particularly important, given their large shares in economic activity and employment in Asian economies.

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Striking the appropriate balance in achieving these objectives through financial supervision and regulation is an important policy issue for financial regulators. This book is the record of a joint conference in organized by the Asian Development Bank Institute; Financial Services Agency, Japan; and International Monetary Fund Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific on the topic of financial system stability, regulation, and financial inclusion.

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Participants included noted scholars, policymakers, and financial industrial participants from Asia. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. It provides up-to-date insights on the trade-offs between financial stability and moves to increase competition in the financial sector It provides a comprehensive view of policy tools for supporting increased financing for SMEs, including credit data bases It provides a comprehensive overview of issues related to providing finance for poorer households and SMEs, including the roles of financial education and consumer protection see more benefits. Buy eBook.