Integrated Natural Language Dialogue:: A Computational Model

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His work is interdisciplinary and cross-linguistic, aimed at identifying the neural processing streams underlying the immediate interpretation of spoken utterances. His current research brings together behavioural, neuropsychological and neuroimaging data from contrasting languages such as Arabic, Polish, and English to determine the underlying general properties of human language systems. Her research focuses on psycho -computational models of language acquisition and in automated corpus analysis grammatical and lexical acquisition from corpora.

She is a London Technology Network Business fellow and has worked for Dragon Systems, Google and Intel, obtaining industrial experience as a research engineer.


At the CSLB, he is investigating lexical and semantic processing, the conceptual structure of nouns and verbs, and syntactic and semantic ambiguity in language comprehension. He works in the field of natural language processing, and his research focuses on the computational modelling of spoken dialogue, and on the unsupervised machine learning of structure from symbolic sequential data. The performance of this approach is tested on a gene-protein name extractor by using the mouse and fly data obtained from the BioCreAtIvE challenge. Results show that our methods are effective and that our trained NER system outperforms all of our baseline results.

Multilingual information management : current levels and future abilities : a report commissioned by the US National science foundation April Book 1 edition published in in English and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide. Audience Level. Related Identities. Associated Subjects. Artificial intelligence Automatic speech recognition Computational linguistics Computer science Cross-language information retrieval Information storage and retrieval systems Linguistics Machine translating Multilingual computing Multimedia communications Natural language processing Computer science OPS5 Computer program language Psli3 Computer system Speech perception Speech processing systems Text processing Computer science Translators Computer programs.

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Natural language dialogue in an integrated computational model

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