Noun Phrase in the Generative Perspective

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In order to achieve this dual goal we will discuss phenomena which are related to the nominal projection in relation to other syntactic phenomena e. In the various chapters we will show how recent theoretical proposals distributed morphology, anti-symmetry, checking theory can cast light on aspects of the syntax of the NP. When necessary, we will provide a brief introduction of these theoretical proposals.

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  • Noun phrase in the generative perspective.
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We will also indicate problems with these analyses, whether they be inherent to the theories as such e. The book cannot and will not provide the definitive analysis of the syntax of noun phrases. We consider that this would not be possible, given the current flux in generative syntax, with many new theoretical proposals being developed and explored, but the book aims at giving the reader the tools with which to conduct research and to evaluate proposals in the literature.

In the discussion of various issues, we will apply the framework that is most adequate to deal with problems at hand. We will therefore not necessarily use the same approach throughout the discussion.

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Though proposals in the literature will be referred to when relevant, we cannot attempt to provide a critical survey of the literature. We feel that such a survey would be guided too strongly by theoretical choices, which would not be compatible with the pedagogical purposes this book has.

Local concatenative conditions are also presented to account for intersentential cohesion in texts contingent on the application of NP Movement. The thesis is organized as follows. Chapter One is a survey and assessment of the literature on constraints on transformations.

Noun Phrase in the Generative Perspective

Chomsky conditions and Emonds' Structure-Preserving Constraint are adopted. Lakoff's global derivational constraints are rejected as excessively powerful mechanisms.

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In Chapter Two, a generative model of text is developed. Text is defined as a linguistic level which is generated by mapping conjoined derived logical forms onto syntactic representations and which is itself mapped onto discourse, a text inserted into an appropriate rhetorical situation. Chapter Three expounds the conditions, which are shown to be motivated by such diverse semantic properties as thematic roles, quantification, modality, referential ambiguity, and functional sentence perspective.

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Chapter Four concludes with an incorporation of the conditions into the model proposed in Chapter Two, which is revised accordingly, and with applications of the conditions to native speaker and ESL composition theory and pedagogy. Off-Campus Purdue Users: To access this dissertation, please log in to our proxy server. Advanced Search.

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