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They then divided the war into four phases, from nuclear warning shots to widespread destruction of major cities. The U. Instead, the agency will issue a supplemental proposal early next year, Wheeler told members of the House Science, Space and Technology Committee, adding that it will apply only to future rulemakings.

The sound of sand reveals its source. But listen carefully enough and you can hear shells in the sand too. Sand, it turns out, has a signature sound of its own, and now scientists have found a way to tune in. To the untrained eye, one bucket of beach sand looks much like another but mixed into the multitude of microscopic minerals are carbonate chemicals left behind from the shells of long-dead sea creatures such as molluscs. The carbonate concentration varies according to local geology, and Saskia van Ruth, a researcher at Wageningen University in the Netherlands, and her colleagues say this leaves each batch of sand with its own distinctive noise.

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The results could extend forensic techniques, providing a quick way to determine the source of disputed sand. And armed with that information as a reference tool, they could work out which beach a given sand sample had come from. It is done with a sensitive listening device that picks up changes in acoustic properties when a scoop of sand or other powder is dropped into a beaker of mild acid and mixed.

Chemical changes, including the breakdown of carbonates to carbon dioxide, release bubbles that increase the compressibility of the liquid and therefore slow down the passage of sound through it. After 50 years out of sight beneath the waters of a manmade lake in western Spain, the 7,year-old megalithic monument known as the Dolmen of Guadalperal is finally back on dry land — emphasis on dry.

The Dolmen of Guadalperal is a large circle of about standing stones, some more than 6 feet 1. Archaeologists speculate that the structure was built in the 4th or 5th millennium B. According to lead author Jing Yuan, a doctor at the Capital Institute of Pediatrics in China, their discovery was completely accidental. He and his colleagues had been treating a patient with severe fatty liver disease, a condition where too much fat builds up in the organ.

A heavy drinking habit is the most common cause of fatty liver, but many people also develop non-alcoholic fatty liver disease NAFLD. Researchers from Columbia University, the University of California Los Angeles, and the nonprofit environmental advocacy group Natural Resources Defense Council NRDC looked at the fallout of extreme weather events strongly linked to a warmer climate that took place in Using various sources of data, including medical records and earlier studies, they then came up with their estimates.

Pterosaurs Were Monsters of the Mesozoic Skies.

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They prevailed for more than million years before vanishing along with the nonbird dinosaurs at the end of the Cretaceous period, around 66 million years ago. In that time, they evolved some of the most extreme anatomical adaptations of any animal, living or extinct. The smallest of these aerial predators was the size of a sparrow. The largest had a wingspan that rivaled that of an F fighter jet. Many possessed heads larger than their bodies, making them, in essence, flying jaws of death.

Pterosaurs patrolled every ocean and continent on Earth. No animal in the Mesozoic would have been safe from their gaze. Unlike dinosaurs, which are survived today by birds, pterosaurs left behind no living descendants. As a result, all that paleontologists know about pterosaurs comes from the fossil record. And that record has been frustratingly fragmentary, leaving us with just a glimmer of their former glory and a host of questions about their bizarre anatomy and ill fate.


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Paleontologists have scratched their heads over these mysteries for decades. Now new fossil discoveries, combined with mathematical modeling methods in which anatomical structures are simplified just enough that equations of physical properties can be applied to get best estimates of strength, weight, speed, and so forth, are finally generating insights. And what scientists are finding is that pterosaurs were even more extraordinary than we ever imagined.

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Theresa Cole, a researcher at the University of Otago. The first time around, the discovery kicked off a worldwide sprint to inspect the object before it got away. How indigenous tradition, Old World ingredients, Islamic cuisine, and a convent combined to make mole a staple. When she first visited Mexico, in the s, Laudan went to a restaurant famous for its mole. According to the origin story on the place mat, some nuns, in a panic because an archbishop was visiting and they had nothing to serve him, threw a bunch of spices in a pot and somehow came up with the perfect rich, chocolate-brown sauce.

He believes mole is far too complex to have been created overnight. Plus, mole comes in many varieties and colors. Viking berserkers may have used henbane to induce trance-like state. But historians know very little about the berserkers apart from scattered Old Norse myths and epic sagas. One intriguing hypothesis as to the source of their behavior is that the berserkers ingested a specific kind of mushroom with psychoactive properties. We can phase out fossil fuels fast without having a burst of warming.

This very argument was made by countries with serious air pollution issues, and it indicated to Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change policymakers that the countries were struggling to figure out how, and how much, to limit emissions. But climate scientists Drew Shindell and Christopher Smith have now re-analyzed the modeling data and concluded that there is no way we could halt emissions quickly enough for the aerosols' "climate penalty" to be meaningful.

Ancient slag offers insight into the uneven pace of technological advances. Sometimes, clues about ancient technology are hidden in the most mundane things. In this case, Tel-Aviv University archaeologist Erez Ben-Yosef and his colleagues went rummaging through heaps of slag, the glassy waste discarded after smelters separate copper from its ore.

The Lesser-Known History of African-American Cowboys

Their goal? To hunt for clues about industry and innovation in the ancient Edomite Kingdom. Less copper mixed with the slag suggests more-efficient smelting, so by tracking changes in the slag, Ben-Yosef and his colleagues could track the progress of a technology that powered the ancient world. The archaeologists found mostly small, gradual improvements over the course of five centuries, punctuated by a sudden, drastic increase in efficiency around BCE in the wake of an Egyptian invasion of the area.

That suggests that a model for the evolution of new species may also apply to human technology and that we may need a little instability to break out of equilibrium and trigger bursts of innovation. It also reveals how one society in particular benefitted from the Bronze Age Collapse and later took advantage of the disruption of a foreign invasion to make a leap forward in technology.

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Share this article. Computer simulations show human ancestors would have had an easier time giving birth than modern women A trio of researchers with Boston University and Dartmouth College has found that one of our ancient ancestors likely had a much easier time giving birth than modern humans.

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Comet gateway discovered to inner solar system, may alter fundamental understanding of comet evolution A new study led by a University of Central Florida researcher may fundamentally alter our understanding of how comets arrive from the outskirts of the solar system and are funneled to the inner solar system coming closer to Earth. This content was created by a Daily Kos Community member. Make YOUR voice heard! Log in or create an account.

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Comments are closed on this story. L Recommend r Reply. More hints Back to Story Show Parent Thread. Recommended list. I think industry 9 can time travel and they went to the future to get ideas for mtb films. Y'all must have a bigger budget than I thought because a good time machine is gonna cost ya these days.

Thanks for showing the awesomeness that is riding bikes in WNC! Stoked to live here Now everyone leave and no one move here It won't let me give more than one props for this comment, but I want to give it a thousand. Poulsbojohnny Nov 2, at Great vid. I love the Planet Earth take. And made in America? My wife is fairly new to mountain biking and loving it 19 years of marriage and she finally gets it!

She had, however, never been on a night ride until last weekend when we hooked up with the local Evergreen chapter here in WA to ride the Pope trails in Kitsap. She started off nervous and about 1 minute in was grinning ear to ear. LamaCycles Plus Nov 1, at One light is cool until goes out on a downhill. Like Ice Cube said, "I had on two so I was happy". Plus with two you get less shadows on the trail and more definition.

Good to see them using helmet mounted lights.

Back to the Future Part 3 (8/10) Movie CLIP - Train Ride to the Future (1990) HD

Bar mounts make no sense IMO unless you're a roadie. I like that combo because I can take full advantage of the advanced capability of my eyeballs to rotate in their eye sockets. Which, at this stage of evolution, my breed hasn't managed to synchronize with some moving head helmet light. My eyes and head are always perfectly in sync. Kyle Nov 2, at If I can only have one light I prefer on the bar over the head because of shadows. Shadows give you better depth perception of obstacles. Ideally 2 lights though, one on bars for depth and one on head for seeing around corners.

Kyle : But your bars are not always where you want your light. Just thought it odd that you figure it's better to have 2 head lamps to intentionally prevent all shadows with give you depth. There's no debate here No worries, we're here to help you. I just need to find a way to rig up one bar light and one helmet light from one battery and not get myself in a big old tangle Seriously though has anyone tried www. I run a first generation Lupine Pico on my helmet their current smaller Neo is even more powerful and candb-seen.

Both companies have excellent service though of course I love that Lupine does everything in house.